Create amazing online events that generate real revenue

Airfair is a video-based online events platform that maximizes visitor engagement, exhibitor ROI and organizer revenue.

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Offer attendees an engaging, simple, beautiful experience

Your events' success starts with an intuitive, enjoyable experience for your visitors

Offer live content sessions, networking and 1:1s

Airfair allows you to replicate the format of your offline event online

Create an experience as simple as Netflix or YouTube

Our user interface has been designed to make navigating the event as simple and seamless as possible for your visitors

Help your visitors easily discover the right content to watch and companies to speak to

We offer a powerful personalization and matching engine to make sure your visitors get maximum value from their event

Drive real ROI for exhibitors and sponsors

Real visitor engagement unlocks real ROI

Help your exhibitors generate leads like never before

Airfair helps exhibitors find and reach out to their ideal customers through our powerful personalization and matching algorithms.

Demonstrate ROI seamlessy

Show your exhibitors data summaries of their events to allow them to easily derive cost per lead and return on investment

Give control

Enable exhibitors to control the profile of attendees they have conversations with, tailor special offers to specific industries, company sizes and visitor titles


Monetize online events like never before

Visitor engagement + Exhibitor ROI = Real monetization

Increase your bottom line

Run multiple online fairs outside of your offline event window, with none of the logistical costs

Market your offline event

Engage your community and promote your offline event through bundles, discounts and special offers

Expand your reach

Reach new audiences, and easily test geographic or vertical expansion of your trade show by launching it online first

Capture essential data

Get a granular understanding of your exhibitors and attendees, see how many conversations have taken place, and with who

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